Coping With Job Loss And Unemployment Stress

job loss and employment stress
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Job Loss
Experiencing a job loss is a situation that does not want to be experienced by anyone. However, as a worker we can not avoid this difficult situations which being experienced by companies that impact to our work, such as changes in management or reduction of the workforce. Piss Off? Angry? Confused because there is no income anymore?

Beyond the loss of income, losing a job also comes with other major losses, some of which may be even more difficult to face:

  • Loss of your professional identity
  • Loss of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Loss of your daily routine
  • Loss of purposeful activity
  • Loss of your work-based social network
  • Loss of your sense of security

It is a natural sign to experience the pain or depression after losing a job. But, fear, anger and panic after this incident will make you more and more difficult to think clearly. Dare you fight the negative feelings and rose again to face it in the future?

How To Prevent, Reduce And Relieve Stress During Pregnancy?

how to prevent, reduce and relieve stress during pregnancy
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Stress during pregnancy
Pregnancy is something that is generally seen as a beautiful thing and awaited by each parents. However, although pregnancy is a joy, it does not rule out the possibility of pregnant women to experience stress.

Stress during pregnancy is one of the most common problems faced by women. Whereas, stress affects of developing fetus in the womb. Then, how to relieve stress during pregnancy?

Women who are in pregnant are highly recommended to avoid stress. This is so that the health of a mother and fetus of the baby stay awake. There are many things that can cause stress during pregnancy, either because the mother's own physical or due to the influence of his mind.

How To Deal With Stress From School?

how to deal with stress from school
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Stress at school
Nowadays, stress has become a part of people life. Stress is not only experienced by businessman, office workers and others, but it also happening to students who are being educated. More precisely, the stress is now also happening at school. So, how to deal with stress from school?

The results of a recent study showed that a 10-year-old child had to face the stress levels similar to those experienced by people aged 25 years in 1950. Mostly this is due to the stress of tutoring lessons, school exams, and other activities that parents expect to help their children have a better future.

How To Stop Excessive Worrying?

how to stop worrying
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How To Stop Worrying
Have you ever been scared and worried about something that is not clear, is not necessarily the case and you may even fear and worrying about something that you yourself do not know what it is? Have you experienced this? If not then you should be grateful, because out there a lot of people experience stress and depression resulting in various kinds of fear and excessive worrying.

Worrying is a sense of anxiety, concern, or fear. These feelings usually associated with negative thoughts toward something that is expected to occur in the future. 

People are mostly overwhelmed by excessive worry, live in the future. They spend too much time to think about what might happen and worrying the worst thing that might happen. Continuous worrying will give bad effects towards the health of human body and

Stress Managements With Music Therapy

stress managements with music therapy
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Stress Management With Music
What cause a person to experience stress? The answer can be very diverse. There due to family issues, business, disasters, labor relations etc. In life, there are always problems that must be faced. If it is not wise to overcome the other problems will arise. This is the reason why stress management is very important to do to cope with stress.

In addition to the above problems, the causes of stress as well as tension in the mind, feeling depressed
, targets jobs, personal problems and mental fatigue. Constant stress, will lead to the excessive production of the hormones adrenaline and cortisone.

One of the effective ways that can be
implemented to overcome the stress is through music therapy. Music therapy is the easiest way to relieve stress. Most people love to listening to the music. 

How To Overcome Panic Attacks

how to overcome panic attacks
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Panic Attack Expression
How to overcome panic attack? Panic attacks is a perfect episode of intense of anxiety which can cause the person physical sensation of fear. These include a shortness of breath, trembling and muscle tension, dizziness and racing heartbeat. 

One thing that have to be said about panic attacks is, it occur frequently you’ve never expected before. It comes without any warning and often, there is no clear reason for the attack. They may even come to you when you’re relaxed or asleep.Typically, panic attacks occur without control and it is a reflex of the first acts of the attacks carried out.

Basically, the panic is not a dangerous disease such as heart attacks, asthma etc, but if owned excessively will give negative effects on the human psyche.

You might have experienced one or even more of panic attacks, yet be otherwise briefly happy and healthy. These, may occur as a part of another disorder like panic disorder, excessive worrying, social phobia or depression. 

Regardless of all of these, panic attacks are treatable. There are many effective treatments and strategies which you can do on how to overcome your panic attacks

Panic attacks will hit anyone at any time without control. People who experience panic attacks often looks nervous and frightened. If this occurs continuously then other problems will arise such as stress and depression. Therefore, in this case powerful ways are required on how to overcome the panic attacks

Recognizing the symptoms of panic attacks

Before finding out the ways on how to overcome panic attacks, it is good to recognize the panic attack symptoms first. This is so that you are more familiar with the panic attacks and became a precaution if a panic attack will occur later on .

Ways To Relieve Stress And Boring At Home

ways to relieve stress and boring at home
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Do you really get stressed when at home? Why? There are so many questions have been found in the social media showed that why most people being so stressed when at home. It’s actually a classic problem which gonna be solved. When at home, people frequently being bored and stressed because of several things.

Some causes why people being so stressed when at home

  • People do not know what to do
  • People have to do pulling up work
  • There are complicated problems among family members
  • People do not have a daily plans

Ways to relieve stress at home